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Here we go! For all you Anime fans looking for a quality box I have the goodies!

$30 each box 1-4 pops and Guaranteed Value!

Note The disclaimer at the bottom of this page and note I do not sell mint Pops.

While 90 percent of pops will be in 8 or above condition, these pops come from all over the place. I purchase form collectors nationwide so we can bring you the best variety of pops for each run of boxes!

Ok So Everything you see in the pictures will be in These boxes.

The Top hits are the

1. Aang on Scooter x2 $85

2. All Might Chrome $55

There are 40 pops ranging from $15-45

The remaining 45 are commons

Each box is Guaranteed to be $30 in PPG Based on the Funko App or Pop Price Guide Whichever is higher.

DISCLAIMER: You are purchasing a mystery box, we do our best to ship pops safely and in good condition. Some pops may have defects and damage. The value of the pops is determined using Pop Price Guide. If your box is damaged in shipping please reach out to us asap. As we do not ship out pops with tears rips, They may have creases,dents,dings and other defects. all of our pops come from collectors we do not guarantee anything will be mint, but I only send out what I would keep myself. Everyone has a different opinion on damage and because of that we understand we wont please everyone. We will try though! There is no guarantee you will receive pops you want, and no therefore no refunds. You will receive a bonus in every box in the form of comics. Additional items such as key-chains,stickers, and marvel gallery statues are sometimes thrown in and not counted as value towards your box. Only the Pops are counted. We hope to provide you the best boxes. As we grow with your support we will continue to add value. Boxes Ship out once we sell out or after 5 business days. We do not want to keep you waiting! Shipping is Priority and depending on your location it will be 2-3 business days Thank you Big Poppa

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